Do You Agree That Burka (Burqa) Wearing Need To Be Completely Banned in US ?


Do You Think That Burka ( burqa ) Wearing Need to be Completely Banned in US?

Yes, its banned in many EU countries !

No, no need for that !

Its most stupid thing, Yes should be BANNED !

Many terrorist are hiding behind burka, so YES !

ISLAM protect women on that way ! so NO !


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The Question : 

Is wearing the Burka in public permitted in the USA? 

The Answer :

Yes, it is legal to wear a burka (or burqa) in the United States.  It is protected by the First Amendment.  There are a few times when the burka must be removed, however, such as when being photographed for a passport, driver’s license, or other official identification.  Most agencies follow guidelines similar to Illinois’ rules (…) on removing a burka for a driver’s license or State ID photo (the hijab, or hair covering, may be left on, but the face must be visible).

Anti-mask laws in the US are generally used as an aggravating factor to enhance penalties when the masks are worn while committing crimes.  For instance, if a person wears a mask while committing what would otherwise be a misdemeanor battery, that crime can be prosecuted as a felony (aggravated battery).