Barack Obama’s Secret Son in Virgin Islands

 Barack Obama’s Secret Son in Virgin Islands

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VIRGIN ISLANDS – A young boy has claimed to be Obama’s son, he is under investigation and has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

According to reports the boy posted a picture on social media and claimed that he is the “Long-Lost Son of Obama”. The picture showed a side by side picture of  Obama and a young man, with a caption implying that the young man is “I am Obama’s Son”.

The boy in picture also claims, that he is the son of Obama’s high school girlfriend. Obama’s first college crush was Alex McNear. who he met at Occidental College before transferring to Columbia. The two reconnected when she came to New York in 1992 and had one of those dark-restaurant-talk-all-night summer romances.

Currently the story about Obama’s Son is under investigation, share for update. 

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