California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?

California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?

The House Ethics Committee has finally charged Maxine Waters (D-CA) with corruption.

Here’s what she did: 

In 2008, Maxine arranged a meeting between the Treasury Department and representatives of OneUnited bank – where her husband was a notable shareholder.

As a member of the House Financial Committee, she was able to directly contact then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to speak with him about meeting with minority-owned banks. Through her efforts, OneUnited bank was able to obtain $12 million in federal bailout funding to help cover expected losses from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

If OneUnited had gone under, Maxine’s husband could have lost as much as $350,000. Oh, and she hired her own grandson (Mikael Moore) to work as her chief of staff.

“By contacting then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to request a meeting, allegedly for a group of minority-owned banks, but then arranging for only one bank – OneUnited, in which she had a financial interest – to attend, Rep. Waters violated House conflict of interest rules,” argues Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

These are the rules she broke:

• A House rule requiring members to act in ways that reflect “credibly” on the chamber

• A House rule prohibiting lawmakers from using their positions for financial gain

• A government ethics statute banning the dispensing of “special favors”

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