Dairy of The Dumbest : Maxine Watters Career Highlights.

Here’s 5 reasons why we hope Maxine Waters gets the Democratic nomination for 2020 and keeps Republicans in office.

The Worst Of Maxine Waters

The Stupidity of Maxine Waters (Compilation)

Maxine, Maxine…….the race baiting is strong with you! Your typical leftists Democrat who makes everything about race.

Maxine Waters Says the Darndest Things

BREAKING׃ Idiot Maxine Waters ACCIDENTALLY Reveals Conspiracy to Overthrow Trump 

Maxine Waters exposes Obama

OOPS! Maxine Waters Accidentally Implicates Obama in Wiretapping Scandal

Watch Video HERE

WATCH : Sure sounds like Maxine Waters is praising and accidentally implicating Obama for @realDonaldTrump

Maxine Waters is the perfect embodiment of a truly embarrassing Democratic party politician.

From claiming Trump should be impeached for creating the nickname “Crooked Hillary” to incorrectly saying Putin invaded “Korea” instead of “Crimea” her stupidity knows no bounds.

Compilation – Moments

You can see a compilation of her most ridiculous moments here.

Yet, liberals still champion this nut-bag because she pushes the “no facts, all emotion” fear-mongering buttons the Democratic party relies on.

Maxine – Lips – Obama – Water

Maxine has now royally screwed up and her loose lips may land ex-President Obama in deep water.

Now I am no legal expert, but that sure sounded like Waters admitted that she knew about some wiretaps Obama had in place to make sure they saw and heard everything that was going on!

Waters – Democrats – Investigation – Trump – Administration

Waters and other Democrats are calling for an independent investigation of Trump’s administration, especially Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Of course, why hold an investigation when you can just force Sessions to resign instead?

Many Democrats…