Donald Trump Supporters : Harassed and Attacked – Rage Compilation

Donald Trump Supporters : Harassed and Attacked – Rage Compilation

In this video in the first clip some trump supporter dudes are arguing with resistance movement far right workers about Donald trump being right.
Hilary Clinton supporter attacks Donald Trump Supporter.
Trump Supporter loves Donald trump so much he even got a tattoo of him on his arm and he is proud to show that.
Donald Trump being forced to admit that not all great products are made in china and he is shown proof of that.
A Trump supporter girl attacked and harassed at San Jose rally .
trump supporters attacking each other.

Donald Trump Supporters : Harassed and Attacked – Rage Compilation #2

Who are the violent ones!! Compilation shows Donald Trump supporters being systematically attacked!

Trump Supporters Attacked At Richmond Rally

Trump Supporters were violently attacked at the Richmond Virginia Trump rally by communists, forcing police to respond.


Donald Trump Supporters :

9 Deadliest Leftist/Anti-Trump Attacks

9: Beaten & Robbed
A few days after the elections in November 2016, a video made the rounds online showing a man being brutally beaten in the middle of the street in Chicago. The assault was filmed by an accomplice to the assailants. The footage starts with a middle aged white male lying on the ground, with two younger black men kicking and punching him repeatedly. The camera man and an onlooker are heard encouraging the act. The struggling man then gets up
8: Kicked Out of a Bar
While in San Francisco, a couple of Trump supporters, one wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” shirt and the other, a “Blue Lives Matter” shirt, entered a bar called Zeitgeist. Pointing at the Trump shirt, the barmaid asked if they were serious, to which the proud wearer replied yes. The barmaid said that she refused to serve the two men, and asked them to leave. They argued for a while, and the barmaid then left the counter to ask some bouncers to kick the Trump supporters out. The pair then had themselves chased out into the middle of the street after being pushed and punched at. They recorded the incident on their phone, and uploaded the shaky video online.
7: High School Girl Attacked by Her Classmate
After expressing her hopes for Donald Trump to win the election in November, a female high school girl from California did not expect what would happen. A fellow black classmate approached her from a table outside, took off her glasses and attacked her. The scene happened outside, with fellow students watching and laughing while recording with their cell phones. “Fuck you, you bitch,” the attacking girl said, while pulling her target’s hair and punching her repeatedly. Another girl came in between them and pulled the black
6: The Deadly “Black Lives Matter” Mob
In late September, an angry crowd at a Black Lives Matter protest viciously attacked a young man for wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. 21 year old Arab-American Trump supporter named Feras Jabro was standing in the middle of the protests in El Cajon, California, recording the events with his cell phone. It was the second night of protests in the San Diego suburb where the people were angry at the police for the recent shooting and death of Alfred Olango, aged 38. Despite the claims of a peaceful protest, the event’s escalated into violence, where not only was a Trump
5: 11-Year-Old Beaten in a Mock Election
Assaults against Trump supporters don’t just involve adults and high school students, but the violence even extends to elementary school children. A day after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, an 11 year old student at Stafford Elementary in Texas was beaten by his classmates for supporting Trump. When the boy went to school that day, the kids were talking about the elections, and one of them asked the class “Who voted for Donald
4: Trump Rally Attendees Assaulted in San Jose
In June 2016, a Trump rally in San Jose, California spun out of control when a group of attendees were assaulted by anti-Trump protesters. As the Trump supporters were leaving the rally, they were surrounded, mocked, and in some cases, attacked. A woman who taunted the protesters ended up being pelted with eggs and water balloons. Rioters jumped on vehicles, and snatched rally
3: High School Student Punched for Holding a Trump Sign
Angered about a Donald Trump sign, a high school student from Palm Bay, Florida punched a fellow classmate in the face before going on to fight school teachers. The incident happened one afternoon in early November when a 17 year old black student named Andre Hudson noticed one of his white classmates waving a Trump sign in the gym. Hudson confronted his peer, and they argued for a while. As tensions escalated, Hudson clenched his fist and swung it hard into the side of the boy’s face. Hudson ended
1: Mentally Challenged Man is Kidnapped & Tortured
In early January 2017, America was shocked by a graphic footage on Facebook Live which showcased one of the worst anti-Trump attacks ever seen. The horrific attack in Chicago featured a horrified young white male held captive with his mouth taped and hands tied, as four of his kidnappers took turns beating him. The African American assailants, which included a young woman, can.

Donald Trump Supporters : Harassed and Attacked – Rage Compilation