“She’s a Racist!” Liz Wheeler DESTROY Michelle Obama

“She’s a Racist!” Liz Wheeler DESTROY Michelle Obama

Videos just Pop Up all over The Internet with Shocking New Racist Statement by Michelle .


  I just love how people’s true colors come out once there no longer in the position of power, truth be told she felt this way the whole time Oduesch was in office, she just had to bite her tongue, but now we see her in true form, with all barrels blazing, and it’s all about rascism… hmmm and we wonder why this country is where it is today, and why rascism is so prevalent today, we have movements like BLM who were invited to the White House, right after Dallas Cops were killed, a White House that refused to light the white house with blue lights, in honor of law enforcement, how many times did Oduesch chime in on racial matters where he shouldn’t have, again I believe these issues of rascism is now more in the forefront than ever before, all thx to the former administration, and understand this, I don’t think it’s in the forefront doing good, no it’s destroying this country from disrespecting our flag, to an attempt at killing republicans in Congress, and now it would appear due to the lefts constant hate filled speeches, we have a new shooting, when will it stop, this country isn’t perfect, never has been but why is then so many are willing to risk it all to come here if we’re all so rascist, makes you wonder who’s truly rascist…..

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