2020 Election

The 2019 Presidential Election

PopsugarNewsDonald TrumpBernie Sanders Quotes From CNN Town Hall Meeting 2016Bernie Sanders Finally Says What Many of Us Are Thinking About Donald TrumpJanuary 15, 2017 by Kelsey GarciaFirst Published: January 10, 2017467 SharesChat with us on Facebook Messenger. Learn what's trending across POPSUGAR.On Jan. 9, Bernie Sanders spoke to voters of varying political parties at a town hall meeting sponsored by CNN and hosted by Chris Cuomo. During the session, Sanders touched on topics like the reported Russian hacking, whether he'll run again in 2020, and Donald Trump's cabinet picks.Throughout his own presidential campaign and following the election, Sanders has been outspoken about his mistrust of the president-elect. At the town hall, he elaborated on that sentiment when he said, Sanders competed via to the top, Sanders received 23 of 57 contests. Who gained that battle? Trump got lots of votes from people who had been primarily making an attempt to stop Hillary. Do you really assume after 29 months in office, that a vote for reelecting president Trump can be about Hillary regardless of whether or not he ran as R or I? The one means I see it working can be if the Democrats also cut up and ran two good candidates, thereby also splitting the lefty vote. In different phrases, if Trump ran as an impartial and Mitt Romney ran as a Republican against him, and in opposition to Joe Biden or whoever, certainly Romney would get tens of tens of millions of votes, sufficient to elect Biden.


In an effort to convince Collins that there would be penalties if she voted to support him, a bunch of people from Maine launched a crowdfunding marketing campaign on a site called Crowdfunding for politics. Many of those who voted for Trump only did so as a result of the one selections have been Hillary and him, and the one thing they could by no means do is vote for her. One of the reasons that Trump acquired thus far within the election is that the democrats had made their whole strategy on pondering the Jeb Bush can be Hillary’s opponent.

And consider that it doesn’t matter what occasion Trump runs for the democrats won’t vote for him. So you could be a Trump supporter, and that’s perfectly advantageous.

The democrat occasion is already in disarray with whom they assume can beat Trump. The republican occasion with out Trump has no one which can even beat the dismal democrats, much less Trump. And to remain on topic for this article, The democrats have zero candidates that may even run for the presidency in 2020, much less have any chance of beating president Trump.


Today will not be 1992, and the democrats haven’t got a single good candidate a lot less two, and who would the republicans put as much as challenge the democrats much much less Trump. Lots of them nonetheless don’t perceive Impeachment, a lot much less criminal law. It was at the least a hoax, however they gassed it up and threw in a match to make it the beginning of a political conflagration that is the political wild fireplace that still burns at the moment.

The least he could have done, especially as he was catching up, was to stick with it until the first. If understand Biden, however why are folks nonetheless going for Sanders after his dismal exit from the DNC main in 2016? Why are you a democrat? Without Trump as a republican, the republicans in congress would be democrat prey. Tell me once more why you’re a democrat? Yes, the social gathering loyalty of the voters is still there however it is the one trigger why the get together system exists, but produces sheep for voters. Why is he so biased. Only three candidates (Biden, Sanders and Harris) are at present projected to earn delegates due to the 15% rule.

Are you a Muslim as well? The question is whether or not or not the agenda is revealed and whether or not or not the information is nicely reported. If a journalist visits your blog and sees the posts are nothing however a bunch of key phrase-laden references to celeb information tales, it does not advance your trigger regardless that it brings site visitors. Even when Trump will get reelected it will be one other four years of the last 3 years. An even more classic example is the Minute Men versus the mighty England army.

In truth, based on each non-polling and factors, solely Biden and Sanders would make the 15% mark have been there to be no variation within a state or state to state (which of course there might be). The above chart will be up to date when new polling or non-polling knowledge is available. I might be there should you do. How is that not influencing the election, and unlike the accusation against Trump there may be a lot of evidence to prove Hillary influenced the election in opposition to Sanders, and with the Russian Report tried to affect the presidential election results. Hillary acquired 66 million.

It would have been an awful tragedy had Hillary become president. In a tweet, Trump said he would hold a rally along with his wife, Melania, Vice President Mike Pence and Pence’s spouse Karen on the 20,000-seat Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. I agree that the Republican establishment was appalled that we rank and file Republicans nominated Donald Trump as our candidate.