Video Proof That Joe Biden is a Pedophile

  There is a mountain of video showing Joe Biden touching young girls as young as 8 in a sexual manner, where is the outrage??? Where is the media? Where are the authorities??? What in the hell is going on here??? Please follow and like us:

Texas Governor Asked Officials To Hunt For Noncitizen Voter Records Before Botched Purge

New emails show the governor’s office put in an “urgent” request to identify noncitizen voter records shortly before the 2018 midterm elections. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) pushed officials at the state’s Department of Public Safety to scour driver’s license records for noncitizens and forward that information to the Texas secretary of state, a fellow…

Joe Biden Makes It Clear He Still Opposes Federal Funding For Abortion

After he told a voter otherwise, his campaign says he’s only “open” to repealing the Hyde Amendment if circumstances change. ASSOCIATED PRESS/BRETT COOMER Former Vice President Joe Biden, a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, speaks during a town hall meeting with a group of educators from the American Federation of Teachers on May 28 in Houston….

YouTube Cuts Off Conservative, Independent Journalists After Vox Outrage Campaign

YouTube has begun a purge of what it calls “hate” and “misinformation” from the platform, as well as a push to strip ad revenue (“demonetize”) channels that “brush up” against the platform’s increasingly draconian speech codes. The move follows a pro-censorship campaign led by Vox Media reporter Carlos Maza. YouTube also pledged to push more…